Based on a real event 2029-2036 - NOW AVAILABLE - In Print

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  Hurtling through space was an enormous tumbling rock known as MN4 our astronomers affectionately named after an ancient Egyptian god of destruction. 

  Asteroid Apophis was the talk of the year that every scientific community on Earth was aware of, though its flyby in April 2029 was to be nothing more than a spectacular celestial event; but as warring nations were locked in global conflict, our civilization was unprepared for the devastation that followed in its wake. 

  Several years after governments fell and society dissolved a ragged pack of survivors stumble upon the buried truth, revealing what circumstances had led to the aftermath that ensued, leaving them to question their continued struggle to salvage what few splintered shards were left of our world that would forever define humanity's bitter legacy.

Hellbot  - Battle Planet             The Bot Wars Saga

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