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Medusa Sorrowblade

The Faerylands series ~ Soulstorm Keep 

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A once beautiful High Elf war maiden from the

Elder City, Medusa Sorrowblade earner her name

and legend from her countless centuries of battle in

defense of the Elves and the Faerylands against the

terrible blight known as the Craven.  


Banished to the lone isle of Tyre, now an acolyte in the studies of forbidden sorcery as one of the Sisterhood of Blood; the cult of accursed and powerful priestesses known as the Obsidian Order who reside alone in a brooding structure known as the Tower of Madness, a tall ghostly fortress of Despair created by the woven tapestry of magic siphoned from the living essensce of the Drow, whose Seven Houses dwell within the ruins of a shattered city sunken deep beneath their Temple.  


Never stepping from the sacred grounds of their Tower, they do battle in the realms of the netherworld against the Craven; a dark hunger awaiting its chance to consume what little is left of their fragile world.  The Elves had become a dying race, and if they failed in their task, the entire race of Fey would be the last of their kind.


From the Faeryland 2nd edition ~ Soulstorm Keep


Ivy Elvenborn and her companion, Jinx, journey through countless dangers on a cryptic adventure to seek out 'Sorrow' for her aid,

who they find is now withered and blind; as is the fate of those all those of the Sisterhood from their tortured struggle against the Craven, as the last hope and guardians of the Faery.  They are the women warriors whose fate and stead is to repel the lingering shadow that corrupts all it touches.


In recognition of their sacrifice in the honor of the blade:


The Warrior Women of Fantasy • The Sorrowblade series

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